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Testimonials From Our Hunters

Testimonials From Our Hunters

Dear Mountain Monarchs of Alaska,
It was a privilege getting to know Dave Leonard and his staff in the first place. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this once-in-a-lifetime experience come true. I want to thank you, Dave, for the great service you and everyone provided. Since I got to basecamp, the adventure began and it overcame my expectations. Assistance guide Jordan was very professional and well prepared since basecamp all the way to Spike camp. He took very good care of me throughout the whole hunt. His merit and professionalism took me right into a breathtaking trophy Dall sheep. On the other hand, packer Ben from New Zealand did a terrific job as well. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to go through our hunt. They both were always committed to help in whatever I needed. Thanks again for everything! We’ll see you guys next Fall on Brown Bear hunt!

Manuel Gomez – Mexico

Dave, our fishing trip with you this late July was absolutely fabulous. As you know I was very concerned about accommodations because my wife was with me. But there certainly was no reason for concern since the accommodations in your RAM Hole Lodge was great. You and your assistant guide Jordan are great chefs. Our opportunity to fish multiple lakes and rivers for huge char, big lake trout, trophy grayling, Pike, Whitefish, and some salmon was beyond belief. Just wish we would have been able to time the sheefish Run. Maybe next time. Also as a pilot myself I was thrilled with the opportunity to fly in the bush again with big tired super Cubs , and otter , beaver, and Cessna 185 on floats And thank Jordan for helping my wife Jane catch so many fish. A few pics are attached. All the best.

Jim and Jane Goodman

Hunting the Giant Brown Bear of Alaska with Dave Leonard of Mountain Monarchs was been the highlight of my long and blessed hunting carrier. My guide Dave Dressel’s knowledge and skill was second to none. Bush pilots with a distinguished resume and abilities made the Super Cub flights in and out of spike camp safe and worry free. Harvesting a 10’ class Brown Bear at 50 yards on the third day of my hunt in pristine wilderness is a memory I will cherish forever. Having a professional taxidermist in base camp to prepare my bear hide for shipping is one of the countless testaments to the quality of Dave’s operation. This is more than just a hunt it is an adventure of a lifetime in a pristine wilderness for the largest brown bear on earth. I look forward with great expectation to my next adventure with Mountain Monarchs of Alaska!

Michael Timmerman - Michigan


thank you for a great hunt and allowing me to achieve my dream of harvesting a monster Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear. I saw multiple bears every day and was fortunate enough to tag out on Day 6. Peter was a Brown Bear expert and a great host in camp. The David River Camp and area measured up to the legendary reputation that precedes it. I’m grateful to call you and your team my friends and I hope to hunt more Alaskan game with Mountain Monarchs. Best wishes to you.

Nelson Mitchell


I had an awesome trip.The staff and equipment were first rate. The brown bear hunting was second to none. I had the opportunity to see several great bears before we (Steve, my bear guide and I) decided on the bear I took. My bear squared 10'2" and I believe the skull green score 28 7/16" You can't complain about that!! I almost forgot, I gained 10 pounds while in camp. Must have been all the fresh air and beautiful scenery! Over all I give this hunt a Ten Out of Ten .I would have no reservation's at all about hunting with Mountain Monarchs of Alaska in the future. The only thing is I hope its not too far in the Future.

Shannon Wheeler - Casper, Wyoming

This was the most exciting and thrilling hunt I have ever been on. Definitely the greatest thrill of my life was taking a ten foot brown bear on the fifth day of the hunt. I had been on another brown bear hunt several years ago with a different outfitter and the guides were drunks and awful. Thank God for Dave Leonard and his guides. They were awesome in every respect. Dave is a master at handling the logistics and has been this well since 1985. You just can’t do any better than to hunt with Dave Leonard and his guides. Don’t even consider another outfitter. This is coming from a hunter that has hunted all over the world on too many hunts to count and knows the real deal when he sees it.

Dr. Pat Laughlin, Green Bay, WI.

Dave and his entire staff did a wonderful job from start to finish. Despite the fact that this was one of the Alaskan Peninsula’s worst winters, my itinerary went as planned and I harvested a Boone and Crockett bear within days of arrival. Base camp was warm and comfortable, and the meals excellent. His equipment was in good working order and he and his pilots are highly skilled and focused on safety. After the hunt, my hide was professionally prepared at camp, and sent to my taxidermist promptly. I highly recommend Dave for Alaskan brown bear, and look forward to the opportunity to hunt with him again.

Chris Jackson - Indiana

Hunting Dall Sheep with Mountain Monarchs is by far the greatest hunting experience I have had. Dave runs a convenient, first class operation and it is easy to see why he is the best when you fly into Bettles and he is the only outfitter waiting on his hunter. Guide Martin was amazing and I was extremely impressed with the knowledge of the terrain and sheep, and how he kept me informed on what to expect. The area we hunted is absolutely amazing and it is obvious that he has top notch animals. These guys have truly become friends, and I look forward to hunting brown bear with them and sheep again soon. Thanks for a great hunt and a memory that will last a life time!”

Kenn Walsh
Keys & Walsh Construction

Well first off, thank you very much for the awesome time had in Alaska!!!!

Sorry to say Dave, but I’m glad you were too busy to baby sit me, cause I had the best time and experiences, with the most awesome (but motley looking) crew!

I would do it again in a flash! I know Shane and Jim were also MORE than happy with their Trophies and hunts.

And the food, my god! I didn’t expect to be eating so well!! I was pretty hesitant though when the 13 yo sheep come out, I wasn’t gonna enjoy this one, I was thinking. But, again I was blown away with it! How the hell could an old ram taste so sweet?

So when can we do it all again? Well I hope the rest of your time there is enjoyable, we may see you before the new year.

Cheers for now,
Tammy & Shane

I once again want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful Brown Bear Hunt this past fall, October 2011. I was very impressed with the organization and competence of you and your entire staff during the hunt. The equipment was top notch and all of your staff were very professional, friendly and worked very well together. The food was great both quantity and quality. Lee was an outstanding guide, a real pleasure to be with in our spike camp during the hunt. Last but not least your territory is second to none for producing excellent Brown Bear. Hope to hunt with you and your outfit again in the near future.

Best regards,
Bob Lindsey
Plymouth, Indiana

Dave is a good, hard working, honest Master Guide. I have no hesitation in recommending his services and would be happy to act as a referral.

Peter Baenziger

Hey Dave just a note letting you know that I really appreciate everything you guys did for Mark and I. Its not hard to see that you run a quality business that is becoming increasingly rare in our occupation as outfitters.

Thanks again and looking forward to chasing an elk with you!

Riley Manzonie - Currant Creek Outfitters

Almost a year ago I was starting to pack for my sheep hunt, A YEAR!!! WOW. Dave and the Gang, at Mountain Monarchs really know how to make a lasting impression. They truly are a Great bunch of guy's. From booking to helping me acquire the right gear for the trip to meeting me when I stepped off the plane. Dave and Martin thanks for a trip and a Ram of a lifetime. Can't wait to come back!!

Hunter Mikuletzky

Here is the difference, and it makes a lot of difference. When you go with Mountain Monarchs of Alaska and Dave Leonard you can be sure he will do everything possible to make your hunt a success. He has great areas and if one place is not productive he will move you to a place that is. If you want a real hunt and not just a camping trip with a guide going through the motions, go with Dave; he will make it happen for you.

Bud Jones
Pokai Parera Farms - R.D. 2 - Eketahuna, New Zealand

Dave, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your staff for a spectacular sheep hunt. A 12 year old ram w/ 35" horns was exactly what I was looking for. After hunting caribou last year with you on the Noatak, I knew that booking the sheep hunt with you was the right decision. It was the hunt I had dreamed about for 35 years. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, both physically and mentally, but your guide kept me going and took great care of me the whole time. It was the time of my life and I hope someday we can share another hunting camp. "It was the crowning achievement of my hunting career".

Best regard, Rick Lange

PS - tell them all who call "don't wait until you're 50!!"

My Brown Bear hunt with Dave Leonard's Mountain Monarchs of Alaska. It was the Third hunt I have done with Him. The first was a fall bear hunt (2007) from the David river lodge and was not successful for bear although I did take a beautiful wolf . The second was a Dall sheep hunt(2008) in unit 23 in the Delong Mountains and harvested a 39 " 15 year old ram.....15 years old!! This bear was taken on my second day of hunting (missed the first day because Pen Air did not have my baggage on the plane into Cold Bay) We saw 10 different bears in the two days I hunted 4 of which my very experienced guide estimated to be as big as the bear I took or Bigger. I guess the highlight was when we made the stalk on this bear and was about to shoot at 80 yards A Different Boar of about the same size came around the cliff face in our direction. We debated about 2 minutes as to which was bigger.....must be the official Brown bear Zoo of Alaska! I harvested this Bear because I liked its Color . Dave Has great Guides and support staff .All Equipment was in very good shape and the bush pilot that flew for him(he flys as well) was top shelf.

Hope this helps


I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for the bear hunt this spring. As you know, this was my third attempt on the peninsula and my only regret on this one was that it was over so fast (1st day bear). In 16 years of hunting Alaska, I have learned that having a “prepared” outfitter is usually the difference between success and failure. The weather in that part of the world is so unpredictable, an outfitter has to be cautious on the side of safety yet ready to take advantage when a break presents itself. I personally think you did a terrific job on that front. We were comfortable and well fed while we waited for the weather to clear and the super cubs were fueled and the pilots ready as soon as it broke to get us out to spike camp. As far as where you put me to hunt, unbelievable! First evening glassing (couldn’t hunt due to same day flying), we watched 2 massive male bears (bigger than anything I had seen on my other 2 hunts), square off and interact with each other right in front of us. The next night we found the same 2 bears, moved on the one that afforded us a chance and were successful first attempt. Peter did a terrific job getting me to 120 yards on a scarred up old boar for an experience I will never forget. Keep up the great work Dave and hopefully I will see you in 4 more years!!

Brad Cromeens

Having hunted with Mountain Monarchs seven times in the past twelve years, the Peninsula brown bear hunt just concluded was the best yet. In fact, it was probably the finest North American hunt I've experienced in the last thirty years! Not only is my old boar spectacular, as he squared 10 feet, 10.5 inches, every aspect of the hunt was flawless. The David River base camp was like a home away from home, with great food and wonderful crew. Spike camp was more than comfortable, and the number of bears viewed over the five actual hunting days was staggering. To the smallest detail, everything went off without a hitch, and I can't wait to return.

- Dwight Van Brunt

Hello Dave. Bonnie and I wanted to thank you for the fantastic time you were able to provide for us on the recent bear hunt. From arriving at base camp until we got back into cold bay you and your staff were outstanding. I could have not selected a better guide service then Mountain monarchs. I was fortunate enough to score on a beautiful bear on my first evening of hunting with my brown bear squaring 10'3 with a green skull of 28" A once in a lifetime bear. I look forward to hunting with you in the future.

- Jay Graham

Hunter: Ronnie Williams
Guide: Kevin Burgess and Todd Boughner
Bear: 9' 10" squared, 28 7/16" skull

Hunter: Larry Pulliam
Guide: Todd Boughner
Bear: 9' 4" squared, 29 11/16" skull

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