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Spring Brown Bear Hunts in the Alaska Wilderness Cold Bay Area

Spring Brown Bear Hunts in the Alaska Wilderness Cold Bay Area

Our Spring Brown Bear hunts run from May 10th to 20th, or from May 21st to 31st.

You will be hunting in Alaska's Cold Bay and Izembek Refuge area, where we have two exclusive guide concessions. Historically this is one of the very best areas for trophy Brown Bear in the world.

We hunt these big brown bears by the spot and stalk method as they emerge from the den. In the spring their coats are thick with winter hair. It is common to watch big males following sows for the purpose of breeding.

There may be time and opportunity to pursue other game in this remote wilderness region. Wolves and wolverine are prevalent in the area. There is often a good run of Steelhead Trout.

Base Camp Accommodations

Enjoy comfortable heated cabins situated around the kitchen and dining facilities. Share camaraderie while feasting on home cooked meals. Power and hot showers are available at the beginning and end of the hunt - all within a 35 minute flight of your spike camp in prime Brown Bear country. While base camp is plenty comfortable, it is not a lodge.

Spike Camps

Established campsites are in key positions that have been proven over the past 40 years. Each camp consists of 2 tents – (1) 8x8 Eureka and (1) 10x10 Eureka Bomb Shelter or Hurricane Hut – cots, pads, warm sleeping bags, tables, chairs, lanterns, heaters and lots of good food along with a skilled and personable guide. Satellite phones are in each camp and each guide is on a check-in schedule with the base camp. Camps are re-supplied every few days.

Licenses & Tags

You must purchase a hunting license and a Brown Bear tag. You can do that online with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Wolves are also prevalent in the area. It is no longer required to purchase a wolf tag in GMU 9D.

If time allows during your hunt you may get the opportunity to fish in the Alaska wilderness. There is no guarantee that there will be time to fish on your trip. However, if you hope to fish, a fishing license is required.

Alaska Tag & License Fees NonResident NonResident Alien
Hunting $160 $630
Fishing (14 days) $105 $105
Brown Bear $1,000 $1,300
Wolf $60 $100
Wolverine $350 $500
Duck & Waterfowl Stamp $10 $10

Updated 2017 Alaska Tag & License Fees


I had an awesome trip.The staff and equipment were first rate. The brown bear hunting was second to none. I had the opportunity to see several great bears before we (Steve, my bear guide and I) decided on the bear I took. My bear squared 10'2" and I believe the skull green score 28 7/16" You can't complain about that!! I almost forgot, I gained 10 pounds while in camp. Must have been all the fresh air and beautiful scenery! Over all I give this hunt a Ten Out of Ten .I would have no reservation's at all about hunting with Mountain Monarchs of Alaska in the future. The only thing is I hope its not too far in the Future. 


Shannon Wheeler - Casper, Wyoming