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Hunt Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska

Hunt Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska

We hunt caribou in Alaska. Hunts are conducted during August and are 7-10 day hunts. We can also conduct a 16 day hunt from September 25-October 10 for caribou in conjunction with brown bear on the lower Alaska peninsula. This time of year the caribou are just beginning to migrate but it is not uncommon to see large herds. You should expect the opportunity to see and make stalks on several different bulls during your hunt. Grizzly bears are prevalent on the Slope and can be harvested on a trophy fee basis. There are opportunities to take wolves as well. Float trips are a very effective way to hunt these gorgeous animals as well as working out of a fixed camp. Bettles if the jumping off point for this hunt and the charter flight up to the slope is NOT included in the price.

Alaska Tag & License Fees NonResident NonResident Alien
Hunting $160 $630
Caribou $650 $850

Updated 2017 Alaska Tag & License Fees


Well first off, thank you very much for the awesome time had in Alaska!!!! 

I would do it again in a flash! I know Shane and Jim were also MORE than happy with their Trophies and hunts. 

And the food, my god! I didn’t expect to be eating so well!! I was pretty hesitant though when the 13 yo sheep come out, I wasn’t gonna enjoy this one, I was thinking. But, again I was blown away with it! How the hell could an old ram taste so sweet? 

So when can we do it all again? Well I hope the rest of your time there is enjoyable, we may see you before the new year. 

Cheers for now, 

Tammy & Shane